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I want to show a list of items in a grid(in a listbox ofc) but if there are no items to show, I want to display in image instead of the listbox. The best way for this would be to create a Datateplate to determinate weather to show the listbox, or the image.

I would like to avoid setting the visibility of the image or the listbox in code.

Can this be done, and how? Or I have to use the method I wanted to avoid.

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If you use MVVM, you could add property IsEmptyListVisibility and bind to it your image Visibility property to control when it displayed:

 Visibility IsEmptyListVisibility
           return (list.Count == 0) ? Visibility.Visible : Visibility.Collapsed;

Also, call NotifyPropertyChanged when сollection are changed to keep all in consistence

 ObservableCollection<...> list
      get { return _list; }
           _list = value;
           list.OnCollectionChanged += (s, e) =>
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Yes I know this, but I would like to avoid this if possible. But if nothing better comes up, I'll use this. Thanks though ;) –  Igor Mesaros Jan 6 '12 at 14:37
You can change Visibility to bool and use Converters if you like, but there is no standard mechanism to handle Visibility of elements in case of empty list. –  Ku6opr Jan 6 '12 at 14:43

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