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here my issue:

I've an IQueryable object and I need to execute a new query on Db (just like a refresh) by launching the same contained query in my IQueryable obj. An example:

myObj = objCtx.Person
    .Where(p => p.IdPerson...)
    .OrderBy(p => ...)
    .Select(..some field..);
// From another function I just want re-execute 
// the same query
// -> Well, that retrieve full lambda 
var et = this.myObj.Expression
// This doesn't work:
var anotherObj = objCtx.Person.Where(et); 
var tmp = Expression.Lambda<Func<T, bool>>(et);
// This doesn't work too:
var anotherObj = objCtx.Person.Where(tmp);

Is it possibile to achieve? What am I missing?


Ok: I would be able to retrieve full query (select statement) from an IQueryable object and execute it in order to get all my updated data.

This is the original query:

this.myIQueryableObj = objCtx.Person
        .Where(p => p.IdPerson...)
        .OrderBy(p => ...)
        .Select(..some field..);

//..And in some button click, I want execute again the above query, but all what I know is myIQueryableObjOnly. Can you help me?
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I think the reason your questions don't get answered is because they are consistently of low quality. Try writing better questions. –  Steven Jan 6 '12 at 14:33

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