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I have a Java Web Application which allows a user to select a bunch of fields (with filters, aggregations etc.) which will then be used to create charts/graphs.

The database behind the application is a standard PostGreSQL 9.04 database but we are using the Hibernate ORM to access data.

The code I have right now creates an HQL Query (Hibernate Query Language) based on the users selections from the web interface. What I really need is some way to use that query to create a dataset that JFreeCharts can use to build the chart.

Are there any examples of JFreeChart and Hibernate integration? Having researched it myself I can't really find much other than this post on the Hibernate forum which says it can be done but giving no detail on how:

To summarise: I have an HQL Query, I want to use that to create a data source which JFreeCharts can use to create Pie/Bar/Stacked Bar/Line charts.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Absent an existing implementation, you might be inspired by one of the existing data model variations seen in

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Well I do have a current implementation which solves the problem using the JasperReports Library. However seeing as JasperReports just uses JFreeChart to generate charts anyway I thought I would try and cut out the middle man and just use JFreeChart on its own. Although having read up on it now I would say that's probably going to be more time and effort for very little reward. Regardless, thank you for your reply ;) – BouncingCzech Jan 11 '12 at 12:18

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