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I have a daemon written in C which uses the daemon() call.

I want upstart to respawn this should it fail unexpectedly.

I'm using a fairly old version of upstart, 0.3.9, on Ubuntu 8.04.

I created the following file (/etc/event.d/my-daemon):

start on startup
stop on shutdown
exec /usr/bin/my-daemon


# status my-daemon
my-daemon (stop) waiting


# start my-daemon

my-daemon (start) waiting
my-daemon (start) starting
my-daemon (start) pre-start
my-daemon (start) spawned, process 32631
my-daemon (start) post-start
my-daemon (start) running

It shows when I do ps aux | grep my-daemon as expected. I then kill it using kill -9 expecting it to respawn but issuing ps aux again shows nothing afterwards. Doing status my-daemon I get:

my-daemon (start) running

Any ideas?

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I don't think 0.3.9 handles daemon processes as expected (something to do with it waiting around for SIGCHLDs). A workaround for me was to just not background/daemonise the process and the respawn works.

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