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I need to use access keys (e.g. Alt-a) to set the focus in my WiX custom dialog. I know that the access character is &, and using this in a checkbox control works fine.

    X="10" Y="243"
    Width="170" Height="17"
    Text="&amp;Start services after installation."/>

However, I tried doing something similar for edit controls, but the access key doesn't work properly - the dialog just "clicks" the Next button when I press Alt-a. This is the code I have at the moment:

    X="20" Y="110"
    Width="290" Height="20"
    Text="Database n&amp;ame:" />
    X="20" Y="130"
    Width="150" Height="20"

How would I go about implementing this? I can't find any mention in the WiX schema reference of a Target attribute or similar I could apply to the label, which is the sort of thing I'm looking for.

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This is not supported by edit box controls. The edit text is set by the control property, not by Text column. So it cannot use the ampersand accelerator.

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