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I am using Python Imaging Library to do some processing, and I'd like to feed my script with data through a pipe rather than passing a file name as an argument.

I've seen that Image.open can accept any file-like object besides a string as parameter. I've tried passing sys.stdin directly, but it seems that it is having some problems with seek (logically).

So, how can I wrap the stream into a buffer that provides all the file operations? (or other any suitable solution to read the image directly from stdin).

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Use StringIO.

import StringIO
import sys

filelike = StringIO.StringIO(sys.stdin.read())

# Now use `filelike` as a regular open file, e.g.:
print filelike.read()
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I had already find the solution and was about to auto-answer this very same, but thanks anyway! :-) –  fortran Jan 6 '12 at 17:47

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