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Consider this snippet of Jade:


I want to check if the value of episode[][field] exists. If it does, output the value on the next line.

500 SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

Here is the current source and more information.

h1= title

p Welcome to #{title}

    each question in questions
                li: h3  (#{})  #{question.description}
                - if(question.options)
                        for option, i in question.options
                            if(typeof(option) === "object")
                                li: h3  #{i}
                                        each soption in option
                                                input(type='checkbox',  name='episode[#{}][#{soption}]',   checked='#{episode[][soption]}')
                                    input(type='checkbox',  name='episode[#{}][#{option}]',    checked='#{episode[][option]}')
                if(typeof(question.fields) !== 'undefined')
                    for field, i in question.fields
                        if(field === "Date")
                                if(#{episode[][field]} !== "undefined")                    
                                input(name='episode[#{}][#{field}]', class='', value="#{episode[][field]}")

and here is the data object passed in

 episode =   {
  "form": {
    "formid": "4efd9c4cae999dcf0a12c461",
    "name": "ROC"
  "patientid": ObjectId("4ef6835a7a5869082a80bc95"),
  "certperiodid": ObjectId("4f020ff0850b21bc2b000001"),
  "M0080": {
    "2-PT": "on",
    "3-SLP\/ST": "on",
    "4-OT": "on"
  "M0090": {
    "Date": "2012-01-02"
  "M0100": {
    "1 - Start of care--further visits planned": "on",
    "3 - Resumption of care (after inpatient stay)": "on"
  "M00104": {
    "Date": "2012-05-02"
  "_id": ObjectId("4f071a0424ddf0dd66000003")

How can this be fixed and written correctly?

so for example if one of the date fields are empty (not filled in), in order to prevent an error , i need to check if its not empty, before outputting the value.

thanks again in advance

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Does your actual code have the - in front of the if? – Dave Newton Jan 6 '12 at 17:27
no it dosent, but i will try that now. – mojotaker Jan 6 '12 at 17:41
That dosent help. but thanks – mojotaker Jan 6 '12 at 18:06
(Also, you are giving multiple DOM elements the same id (questions) in the question list; that's invalid HTML--consider using a class instead.) – Dave Newton Jan 6 '12 at 19:44
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Expressions shouldn't use escaping:

- if (episode[][field])

(Assuming proper variable setup, obviously.)

Edit to respond to comment

You're not checking to see if the element exists first before trying to read the field, in both the date display and the input element... While your usecase is a bit opaque still, you need to check for the element first:

- if (episode[] && episode[][field])",

I think you're trying to show an input element for things without values, and display it otherwise--not quite sure. You may want something closer to this (w/o knowing what you're doing, I made a fake template w/ what I think mirrors your data--I commented the "2-PT" value out to test). Some minor refactoring to clean things up, but not much.

var s = [
  "  each question in questions",
  "    li",
  "      ul.question",
  "        li: h3  (#{})  #{question.description}",
  "        if question.fields",
  "          each field, i in question.fields",
  "            - var foo = field === 'Date' ? 'date' : ''",
  "            p(class='#{foo}')",
  "              if episode[]",
  "                - var field_value = episode[][field] || '' ",
  "                if field_value",
  "                  #{field_value}",
  "                else",
  "                  input(name='episode[#{}][#{field}]', class='', value='#{field_value}')",

var locals = {
  "question": {
    "name": "M00104"
  "episode": {
    "M00104": {
      // "2-PT": "on",
      "Date": "2012-01-02"
  "questions": [
      "name": "M00104",
      "description": "Do we have it?",
      "fields": ["Date", "2-PT"]

var jade = require('jade');
var fn = jade.compile(s);

After tidying:

<ol id="questions">
    <ul class="question">
        <h3>(M00104) Do we have it?</h3>

      <li style="list-style: none; display: inline">
        <p class="date">2012-01-02</p>

        <p class="">on</p>

With the "2-PT" line commented out:

<p class=""><input name="episode[M00104][2-PT]" value="" class=""></p>
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Well you see the problem is for example "" the generated value, is the name to be used to get the value from the episode object. I dont know if i explained that right. "" as it is,(is a property of a question object). the value of is what i am using to refer to the value i want from the episodes object. – mojotaker Jan 6 '12 at 18:27
@mojotaker Right; I understand that. Expressions should be just that--raw JavaScript expressions. If you're passing in question, the syntax I'm showing is what you should use. (And field.) – Dave Newton Jan 6 '12 at 18:57
When you're referencing a value outside of an expression that's when you need the #{}. – Dave Newton Jan 6 '12 at 19:03
Thank you. using your suggestion, i dont get any syntax errors anymore. Thank you. But the purpose of the if statement was to prevent an error if one of the date fields were empty. I'm getting a "Cannot read property 'Date' of undefined" error. – mojotaker Jan 6 '12 at 19:08
# edited. still getting errors – mojotaker Jan 6 '12 at 19:14

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