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Hi this is my sql query

FROM accounts A
LEFT JOIN friends F ON = F.account_id
LEFT JOIN accounts ACC ON F.friend_id =
LIMIT 0 , 30

How do I replicate this using Zend_Db join?

I created this function

function getFriends()
        $query = $this->select()->setIntegrityCheck(false);
        $query->join(array('f'=>'friends'),'f.account_id =',array());
        $query->join(array('b'=>'accounts'),' = f.friend_id',array());
        $results = $this->fetchAll($query);
        return $results->toArray();

But it only returns the right table, it doesn't return the left table...

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If you want to use LEFT JOIN, you should use $query->joinLeft().

Sidenote; For performance reasons, you're better of using Zend_Db_Select instead of Zend_Db_Table select though:

$query = $this->_db->select();
$query->from(array('a'=>'accounts'),array('account_id' => '', 'account_name' => '', 'friend_account_id' => '','friend_account_name' => ''));
$query->joinLeft(array('f'=>'friends'),'f.account_id =',array());
$query->joinLeft(array('b'=>'accounts'),' = f.friend_id',array());

return $this->_db->fetchAll($query);

Note: make sure all your selected columns have a unique name. '' and '' will both result in column name 'id' in which will overwrite the value of

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Yes as you can see in my question, I know how to do joins, the premise of LEFT or RIGHT doesn't matter at this point because if you run the SQL in phpMyAdmin it should return a table with 4 columns. Zend DB only returns the first two columns. I can fix this by querying the same thing twice, but please... that's the dumbest thing anyone will ever do and is not good programming style – shiva8 Jan 8 '12 at 9:09
Make sure all your selected columns have a unique name. I've updated my answer. – Pieter Jan 8 '12 at 15:28

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