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I'm using .submit() method to send data.

What I have is a question form with alternatives, when I click on one it automatically updates on the DB using this:


function save_response_with_ajax(t){
    $('#edit_response_set_' + t).submit();

and the radio button is this:

<%= rs_a_form.input :answer_id,
            :collection => "code that gets the info",
            :as => :radio, 
            :input_html => {
     :onclick => 'save_response_with_ajax(' + response_set.id.to_s + ');'} %>

Everything works fine, but when I click a lot of times that radio button, the form renders again so I was looking how to avoid multiple ajax requests (only one even if I click a lot of times) and I have to use $.ajax() method. The problem is when I write :

function save_response_with_ajax(t){
       //it suppose to be $.ajax(url, .....) instead of alert
       // I'm just testing 

nothing happens.

Hope someone can help me

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First of all you should use remote form - it's easy and you don't have to write own JS. But in my opinion in this case your problem is nested submit event in click event. In save_response_with_ajax method you should do 2 things, first disabled button and then do some stuff with ajax. –  codevoice Jan 6 '12 at 19:19
Yes I'm using remote, the main problem is the multiple ajax call I could make if a click a lot of times (it's a sort of a bug, because if they click a lot, it will render again a lot of forms) –  JavierQQ23 Jan 6 '12 at 19:48
so what's the problem disabling button after first click? Add to your submit button option :disable_with => “Submitting…” –  codevoice Jan 7 '12 at 10:12
That's the problem... there's no button =) it automatically saves after click on the alternative –  JavierQQ23 Jan 7 '12 at 14:32

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To avoid multiple submits, you can use global ajax event handlers to trigger functions when AJAX requests start and end etc.

   //add js to disable your inputs so you can not trigger the submit again.
   //add js to re-enable your inputs that you disabled in ajaxStart
   //add js here to alert user that a problem occurred.
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