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I am about to embark on a journey to write some kernel extensions for AIX 6.1.

I would be very very great full to the community ,if they could provide me some assistance in finding books , articles , blogs..whatever info i can get.

I have already checked the IBM site. But I need more info.

Thanks for your answers.

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WOW!!! 3 views...gr8.. atleast someone viewed the question... – debugger May 18 '09 at 4:23

There are a couple of IBM Redbooks available:

Don't worry too much if they are for older versions of AIX, there has not be that much change since 5.1 and may things from even older versions still apply. (developing and porting C/C++ programs) (writing reliable AIX daemons) (AIX 5L porting guide)

I hope you have seen the official documentation: (Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts)


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