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I am looking for information on using Maven in a integration setting rather than in a development environment. I see millions of great examples on the internet of using Maven in a development project but finding information or examples of someone using Maven to setup a integration environment, in production, (such as the classpath for an app, property files for an app, directory cleanup for an app, etc.) is what I am trying to find.

Any and all suggestions of sites/links to information in this format would greatly be appreciated. I will pay it forward.

Right now I use batch files in a fashion that is similar to how the Tomcat project uses batch files to run the Tomcat server. So, a use case of the kind of thing I am trying to do, would be to create Maven script that could replace the Tomcat DOS batch file scripts. Also, this makes me wonder (concerning my example use case I mention here) that if Maven were the way to go, why hasn't Tomcat project done it that way?

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You can use the maven-assembly-plugin to build deliverable packages that include dependencies, config etc.

You can also look in to the maven-appassembler-plugin for generating run scripts (for various platforms) that create correct classpath and then invoke your applications main class.

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