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I believe I had found a bug in the package LimSolve. When running the code below, the procedure causes my R application (64-bit Windows; R version 2.13.1 (2011-07-08)) to crash without warnings or errors. The code to reproduce the error is below:

The 130 kb .rda file required is here:

load( "limSolveTest.rda" )

library( lpSolve )

optimResultlpSolve = lp( direction = "min" , 
                         objective.in = g_ ,
                         const.mat = Aeq_ ,
                         const.dir = rep( "=" , nrow( Aeq_ ) ) ,
                         const.rhs = beq_ ,
                         transpose.constraints = FALSE
                         ) # Function should raise an error

# Passes if transpose.constraints = TRUE
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