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I'm using the latest Qt SDK (2.4.0) and am having problems getting the visual studio 2008 CDB working properly. I have a experienced the following 2 problems which I think are related

  1. I have an assert that is failing. When that assert fails I see the Visual Studio dialog box asking me if I'd like to Abort, Retry, or Ignore. If I choose Retry, the program does not break as it should, instead it just continues executing. However, if I put a break point before that assert, and then step over that line within the debugger then when I hit Retry the program does break as expected.

  2. All break points that are in place before execution starts are hit correctly. However, if I attempt to add a break point after execution starts then that break point is ignored. But, if while stopped, I add more break points, then those are correctly hit.

It would appear that the debugger is only working once I manually stop it with a break point. Does anyone know what is going on here?

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit Qt SDK for Windows 32

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For your first question I guess you doesn't allocate an "object" you use. Something like:

//header file:
class Foo : blabla
    QSomething *m_fie;

//source file:

if your debugger doesn't work you could try add:

#include <QDebug.h>

and several print string. i.e.:

//source file:
   qDebug() << "1";
   qDebug() << "2";

For your last question qtcreator helps you work less. It does not do something better then other IDE, but it's integrated with qt. It can help you avoid a lot of .pro file configuration. Infact to debug your app correctly you should define in your project file:

CONFIG +=    debug_and_release

or at least:

CONFIG += debug

qtcreator does it for your.

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