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I wonder if anyone has used RestSharp against the4 Jira 5.0 REST API? I've looked at Atlassian's sample code, which just gives raw JSON. I can't figure out how to make RestSharp create requests in the right format.

I'm really new to RestSharp and REST in general, I just need an example to look at to give me that 'ah-ha' moment.


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Here is a code for simple JiraRestClient using RestSharp - https://bitbucket.org/MikeJansen/jirarestclient.net/wiki/Home

And here is a good documentation on how to consume REST services http://www.stum.de/2009/12/22/using-restsharp-to-consume-restful-web-services/

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, that's actually quite useful. I'm having problems with Newtonsoft.Json at the moment, I get a VerificationException for even the simplest serialization operation, so I've decided to have a go with Hammock instead. –  Tim Long Jan 9 '12 at 2:31
If you find it helpful why not accept an answer? In regards to VerificationException have you read this stackoverflow.com/questions/5968084/…? –  Daria Trainor Jan 23 '12 at 4:29

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