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I want to theme my form so that the field's label show the current locale, something like

Name (en) :

So I would like to rewrite block generic_label like that :

{# form_theme.html.twig #}

{% block generic_label %}
{% spaceless %}
    {% if required %}
        {% set attr = attr|merge({'class': attr.class|default('') ~ ' required'}) %}
    {% endif %}
    <label{% for attrname,attrvalue in attr %} {{attrname}}="{{attrvalue}}"{% endfor %}>{{ label|trans }} (app.session.locale)</label>
{% endspaceless %}
{% endblock %}

and import it in my template :

{% form_theme options 'myBundle:Object:form_theme.html.twig' %}

but the app variable is not accessible in the form template. How can I pass a variable to a form theme ?

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You need to create a form extension in order to get it done. Take a look at


to learn how to create the extension.

To have access to session locale, make sure to inject the container. After that you'll be able to get any var value you want.

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If the app variable is not available in the form theme it may be a bug. I suggest you create a ticket.

In the meantime you can use the current template as a theme. Something like...

{% form_theme form _self %}

{% block field_label %}
    {% set attr = attr|merge({ 'for': id }) %}
    {% if required %}
        {% set attr = attr|merge({ 'class': attr.class|default('') ~ ' required' }) %}
    {% endif %}
    <label{% for attrname, attrvalue in attr %} {{ attrname }}="{{ attrvalue }}"{% endfor %}>{{ label|trans }} ({{ app.session.locale }})</label>
{% endblock %}

If you are using Symfony master (2.1) replace app.session.locale with app.request.locale.

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that doesn't work either, {% form_theme edit_form _self %}{% block field_label %}{{ app.session.locale }}{% endblock %} gives Variable "app" does not exist. I'm going to create a ticket –  Matthieu Jan 8 '12 at 10:59

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