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Already install https://github.com/greglu/hbase-stargate , but it seems, that some methods is not working appropriate, for example: row = @client.create_row('terms', 'book', Time.now.to_i, {:name => 'data:fr', :value => 2})

In Hbase shell I got empty value:

 scan 'terms',  {CACHE_BLOCKS => false} ROW  COLUMN+CELL  book  column=data:fr, timestamp=1325880415, value= 

Also, some rows does not created at all. This is my schema for table:

table_options = { :name => 'data', \
    :max_versions => 1, \
    :compression => Stargate::Model::CompressionType::NONE, \
    :in_memory => false, \
    :block_cache => false, \
    :ttl => -1, \
    :max_cell_size => 2147483647
    client.create_table('terms', table_options)

Whats wrong with hbase-stargate gem?

Which is the best way(fastest) to integrate rails with hbase? Thank you!

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Looks like massive_record might be a better option.

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