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I am trying to install WhatsApp.apk twice on my Android. I already got a readable androidmanifest.xml using apktool. I heard that I only have to change the package name in that xml and I can install the app. Indeed it's not blocking anymore when I change the package name but fails during the installation. So I guess there are other files where I need to change the package name.

Is there a way to import the project to Eclipse to have it change the package names or how can I completely change the package name com.whatsapp in all files to another one? Or: Do you have a simpler solution to install 2 whatsapp on one device?

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You can change name thorough small all small files into notepad++ replace com/whatsapp to com/yourpackagename

Do same thing in androidmanifest.xml & replace com.whatsapp to com.urpackagename

Also repeat the same thing for layout folder

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