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I'm trying to get my head around CSS positioning, and I'm slightly confused by the left and right properties. I know that the properties take values which determine how far from the left or right edge of a container the element will be placed. But what if the left and right properties are set in such a way where it is impossible to satisfy both at once? Which property has precedence?

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It depends, but if your position is fixed or absolute and you haven't defined width, it will be resized. When it is defined, it appears top and left take precedence.

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+1 I guessed wrong on this. –  ThinkingStiff Jan 6 '12 at 21:02

You will only be using left or right, not both at the same time. Typically when you give an element a position of absolute you declare 1 or 2 sides to position from. For example, you might position a div 5px from the top. You could also position the div 5px from the top and 10px from the left.

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Actually, I use both a lot to do fancy positioning and sizing effects when height: 100% doesn't work. –  minitech Jan 6 '12 at 21:11

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