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Trying to render c.html.erb (which is in the same folder as update.js.erb) into a div: #wrapper2. This is the code:


<div id="menuwrapper">
   <div class="tabArea">
      <%= link_to 'Lorem', {:action => 'update', :controller => 'welcome'},
      {:class=>"tab",:remote=>true} %>
<div id="wrapper2">
   <!--Where i want to load-->


class WelcomeController < ApplicationController  
  def index

  def update

  def c


update.js.erb: (couple of different tried versions)

1: $("#wrapper2").html("<%= render :partial => 'c' %>");
2: $('#wrapper2').html("<%= escape_javascript render(:file => 'c.html.erb') %>");
3: $('#wrapper2').load('c.html.erb', function() {alert('Load was performed.');});


get "welcome/index"
get "welcome/update"
get 'welcome/c'


    <tr ><td valign="top">

        <div class="maintext">
          <h1> This is some text</h1>
          <p>This is more text!</p>
        <div class="slideshow"> 
          <img src="/assets/image1.jpg" width="600" height="594" /> 
          <img src="/assets/image3.jpg" width="600" height="594" />
          <img src="/assets/image2.jpg" width="600" height="594" />

The app enters update.js.erb, but fails to load in wrapper2.

Would be grateful for any clues of how to fix this!

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Stupid question, but do you have jQuery installed and have you checked your browser's script console for errors? –  iWasRobbed Jan 6 '12 at 22:49
@iWasRobbed I believe jQuery is integrated in rails 3.1. and other jQuery scripts work. Yes I've checked for errors in the console, both rails and chrome consoles. Version #1 gives no errors, but in the console it renders "_c.html.erb" first, then it renders "update.js.erb" again, which i find weird. Version #2 I think has some missing template error, don't know what that is about. #3 invokes a RoutingError, it doesn't find c.html.erb. –  user1132256 Jan 7 '12 at 1:47
also tried this: $("#wrapper2").html("<%= render :partial => 'c',:layout => true %>"); But got an "undefined method include? for trueClass" error –  user1132256 Jan 7 '12 at 2:09
The syntax you are using to create your link is old and not recommended I think. It's not the source of your problem, I'm just saying. If you just put alert("ok") in your .js.erb, is it called? –  Robin Jan 7 '12 at 2:11
@Robin Yes, the js.erb file is called. It is in the execution of the js.erb-file it fails. –  user1132256 Jan 7 '12 at 8:45

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