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How do I see the comment blocks above a sub I am calling while typing the sub name out in eclipse?

example is


right after I type -> the option list for all the sub calls shows up but when I scroll through each one I do not see the comments that go with that sub above the function call.

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Maybe this is more a question for superuser? Anyway.

Unfortunately, this does not work. There is no integrated print documentation/comment functionality in epic, at least for this kind of information. I would like to have it, too!

The only documentation you can get inline is for perl builtins. When you double-click on a word, let's say system, you get a tooltip window with the short form of the perldoc -f system call. That's all.

You can get more documentation for modules or classes, when you mark a module (name) and call Help->Perldoc (or hitting F1 in my case), but not for functions or methods. Then you get the perldoc in a different window.

What I do in your case: Mark the method (after having written it) and hit F3, i.e. Open Declaration. It will jump to the sub and you can read the documentation. With the back keystroke or "Go to last edit location" I come back where I was. This works as long as epic knows about the functions and methods, that is somewhat like: - the module with the function has to be in your Projects Perl Include Path - you have a use in your file for that module and the name is unique - you use fully qualified function names - you build your objects with My::Class->new instead of new My::Class.

Hope it helps at least a bit.

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