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I've a simple question about active admin interface.

In my application, I've a resource added to the active_admin. When I access the resource from active_admin, I get all records for that resource. When I select/access (as a show action) one record it shows details of that instance and all belongs_to associations but I don't know how to get the has_many or has_one association details in the show view?

Any ideas? I appreciate any feedback.


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One way is to set instance variables in controller and access them in view. For example if Study has_many Subjects. then in controlller instantiate '@subjects = @study.subjects'. Then use '@subjects' in scriplet to render subjects –  naren Jan 7 '12 at 1:19
That's true but how do you access this association from active_admin interface? –  Atarang Jan 7 '12 at 2:32

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You need to customize your show screen in app/admin/yourresource.rb. You shouldn't need to do anything special otherwise, other than making sure the has_many and belongs_to associations are correct. For example, if you have a category with many items, do this in category.rb:

show :category do
  panel "Category Info" do
    attributes_table_for category, :name, :created_at
  panel "Items in This Category" do
    table_for(category.items) do
      column("Name", :sortable => :name) {|item| item.name }
      column("Created At") {|item| item.created_at }

There are more good examples here and elsewhere in the source for the demo project, which for some reason is hard to find from the main site.

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Thanks for the response. I'll try this and other resources mentioned. Thanks again. –  Atarang Jan 9 '12 at 6:46

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