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I have a Wix project that I have set to allow major upgrades. I'm using WixUI_Advanced for a choice between per-user and per-machine installs. When I install and upgrade per-user everything works as expected, the installer recognizes an upgrade and there is only one entry in Programs and Features. However when I choose a per-machine install, it starts duplicating entries in Programs and Features (even when both install and upgrade are per-machine and to the same folder).

Looking at the install log file it seems that FindRelatedProducts is executing before the user gets a chance to select a per-machine install, so the installer thinks that the context has changed and won't do an upgrade. I attempted to suppress FindRelatedProducts in InstallUISequence but when I do that the installer still skips FindRelatedProducts in the InstallExecuteSequence.

What are my options at this point?

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You could manually execute the FindRelatedProducts action again, after the installation context was selected. Use the MsiDoAction method. I used this approach once and it seemed to work.

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