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i am using cluetip jquery plugin and i show a popup with some html (using local source hidden div). I now have some jquery that wants to change one icon with another and i have the following code:

 var img = "#mySelector";
 $(img).attr("src", "/content/images/ajax-loader.gif");

this works fine when this image is on the regular page but when its inside a popup, the image doesn't change. Is there any way to change the html on a tooltip popup while it is up in cluetip jquery plugin?

I know that the selector is correct because, I also have this line:

 var img = "#mySelector";
 var currentSrc = $(img).attr("src");

and currentSrc reads the current string.


Also, in firebug when i look at

 var currentSrc = $(img).attr("src");

AFTER i change the source to


it does read:


so it looks like the code is working but the image is simply not changing .. .

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Looking at the clueTip options, you probably want to set a handler for either onActivate() or onShow() so you can make the image URL change at the appropriate time.

Edit: Since you've edited your post to show that the .src is actually changing, then the only possible explanations are:

  1. You're changing the wrong object
  2. The .src value is the wrong/bad URL
  3. Some other piece of code is changing the URL back again.

The most likely would be that you're changing the wrong object and the most likely way that could happen is if you have the wrong ID value or if you have more than one object with that ID.

There should only ever be one object with a given ID and if there are more than one, a selector using that ID will probably only return the first one with that ID - though that is not a behavior which should be relied upon.

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img is actually a variable where i am passing in "#abc" selector –  leora Jan 6 '12 at 22:54
also, I am calling this javascript while the tooltip is up so i don't want to call this right when its being shown . . i need it to change while it is up . i maybe need a refresh api command or something . . i would have thought it would work given that its changing a single DOM selector –  leora Jan 6 '12 at 22:55
If it's not changing, then it's probably because the object isn't being found. You should do a console.log($(img).length) right before you set the .src and see if the object is being found or not. If .length is 0, then it's not being found. –  jfriend00 Jan 6 '12 at 22:57
its definately being found because i have this line before it to read the current src . .: $(img).attr("src") and that retrieves the correct value. I have edited the question to clarify –  leora Jan 6 '12 at 23:01
@leora - If .src is changing, but you're not seeing the image change, then you're either targeting the wrong object, the URL is bad or wrong or something else is setting the URL back to its original value. There are no other choices here. Browsers don't accept a new .src and then not show it if there's nothing wrong with the URL. We probably can't help further without seeing the page with this in it so we can see what else is actually going on here. –  jfriend00 Jan 6 '12 at 23:30
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The cluetip plugin clones the (local) content and adds an suffix to id's (because id's neet to be unique), you can set the suffix with localIdSuffix: 'MySuffix' in the cluetip options. You need to find the inserted (and hidden) cluefix div and change the value(s) there.

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