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Php has PEAR, PERL has CPAN and Java has Appache commons. Short and simple : is there one accepted library for c# extensions/cookbook recipes?

(Feel free to close if exact duplicate, i suspect it somewhat, but don't seem to find it)

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Yes there is a C# Commons similar to Java Commons.

It's relatively new but pretty good. It's CommonLibrary.NET on codeplex.com. commonlibrarynet.codeplex.com/

My company uses a mix of Java and C#. I'm now using both Java Commons and C# CommonLibrary.NET and so far it's pretty good. It's got most( not all ) of the same components that Java Commons has plus some other ones.

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No; the codebase is a bit more fragmented.

Obviously there is the core framework classes (in all the different version levels), but other than that there is little concensus... codeplex has a number of useful libraries, as does code.google.com etc - but you'll generally be picking specific tools from specific community projects.

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coming from you, I'm afraid it is right, and i might as well accept the answer right away... not the answer i was hoping for though –  Peter May 18 '09 at 7:50

Didn't know about CommonLibrary.NET before, started playing around w/ it after coming across this post. It's quite nice.

Found some of the components useful like the Args/Command-Line parsing, Csv support and the light weight Scheduler. This is one of the few projects that has a very good Repository implementation. It's a bit big but it's very generic and powerful. IRepository is implemented as both an "In-Memory" and one for Databases( Sql Server ) so my unit tests become a bit easier. Not sure if it supports transactions though.

The documentation.chm file needs to be updated but the examples are very good.

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