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I'm creating a site utilizing PHP that draws data from a mySQL database. The content that is drawn is constantly changing and linked to a unique ID. Although a lot of content is pulled on a main page, each facebook-send button links to the contents unique ID on a separate page. I'm passing the information through the URL in the facebook send (ie. link: www.example.com/info.php?id=5 )

My problem is that the send button is not recognizing the Open Graph Meta tags for the page - it displays the wrong picture and wrong title. I've tested with the debugger - and it works for the receiving page (www.example.com/info.php), but not with the added data. That said, once I plug in the full URL with data (www.example.com/info.php?id=5) into the debugger - that page gets crawled & all send buttons linking to that exact URL now populate with the correct picture and title.

Because the content on my site is constantly changing I can't manually have facebook crawl each page of potential URLs with each data ID. Is there a way I can pass data through the URL and have facebook-send button recognize the Open Graph Meta Tags on the receiving page to display for every potential ID? Note: it's just one picture and title I want for all links.

I thank you in advance for your time, I'm slightly new to programming and your help is sincerely appreciated!

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We do a lazy crawl, so the first person to Send might not get the image right away, but if you wait 30 seconds and try again it should show up.

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Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately I still am encountering the same problem two days later. I understand that it takes a bit for facebook to crawl the site - and I read putting in the URL into the debug forces the crawl to occur then. I think my issue is more that the specific URL's with data are not crawled - for example www.example.php?id=1, then www.example.php?id=2. So still only the sites I've had explicitly crawled by putting their full URLs into the debugger display the correct title & picture. – Tim Jan 8 '12 at 20:55

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