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My doubt is this:

I have this variable in this class A

var obj:Object = new Object()

and its structure:

obj.name = "John";
obj.age = 44;

I'd like to take this variable obj and pass it to the class B (I know how to do this) but I don't know how can I keep the structure:

obj.name and obj.age

Does anybody know this?

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Can you expand on how you're passing it or describe more precisely the problem you're seeing? If you're passing it in some way that doesn't retain the attributes/values of the object, that's a problem you'll want to address. –  blahdiblah Jan 7 '12 at 2:18
Please post how you are passing it to class B. If you simply send on the instance reference, the "structure" is preserved, so I'm not sure what you are doing :) –  Jonatan Hedborg Jan 8 '12 at 23:06

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If you are having problems then consider making a new class, then when you pass it around pass it as you new class and not just as an object.

(untested code)

package {
  public class SomeDude {
    public var name:String;
    public var age:int;
    public function SomeDude() {}

then pass it / reference it something like:

var dude:SomeDude = new SomeDude();
dude.name = "John";
dude.age = 44;


Within your otherClass have a function like:

public function someFunction(theDude:SomeDude){}
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