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I'm trying to create project using ZF2.beta. (zf create project sometest)

and i'm getting same issue as i found here

Notice: Undefined property: Zend\Code\Reflection\FileReflection::$contents in /usr/local/include/ZF2/library/Zend/Code/Reflection/FileReflection.php on line 272

project created but some files are empty. (bootstrap.php for example)

Are those notices OK or not? Should bootstrap be empty?

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I think not. ZF are a beta only, so, wait the release candidate to get all working out of the box. – Gabriel Jan 7 '12 at 3:38
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You could use the ZF2 App Skeleton this was how I started using ZF2.

Their whole Github Account is pretty interesting

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That's because in FileReflection.php, line 90, the contents property is commented, but the getContents method (line 272) isn't.
It's not ready yet, so take Gabriel Santos' advice.

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