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JavaScript - How to detect the value of useCapture from an event object?

I made a function that removes an event listener after firing once or any number of times.

This is what I have:

/*jslint browser: true, vars: true, white: true, maxerr: 50, indent: 4 */
(function ()
    "use strict";

    function removeEventListenerAfterFiring(numberOfTimes, callback, useCapture)
        var count = 0;
        return function listener(event)
            count += 1;

            if (count >= numberOfTimes)
      , listener, useCapture);


    function functionName()
        // Code here.

    window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", removeEventListenerAfterFiring(1, functionName, false), false);

Is there a way to detect the value of useCapture so that I don't have to pass it to the removeEventListenerAfterFiring function?

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Go for the easy way; remove both., listener, false);, listener, true);
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