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iIhave value in hdnField in form1.aspx . I assign a value to hdnfield in javascript .I want to get that value in aspx.vb in another form, form2.aspx. How can I accomplish this?

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Don't you think that you should be more specific? "I want to get that value in serverside in another form" is not something where I can understand what you try to achieve. – Patrick Cornelissen May 18 '09 at 8:33

If your Form1.aspx submits to Form2.aspx, then you have atleast a few ways to access the value of form fields (including Hidden fields):

  • The Request.Form property exposes a NameValueCollection containing all submitted form field names as Keys and their values as Values. You could use the syntax Request.Form["fieldName"] to access the value.

  • If this is ASP.NET 2+ and you used the Cross-page posting technique, you will be able to access field values in the previous page using the PreviousPage property of the Page.

  • If you use Server.Transfer, you can access values using the Current HttpContext.

If you need more info, you should take a look at Passing values between pages in ASP.NET.

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I think your concept of session is wrong. Session is a server-side object, and javascript runs on the client, so you can not directly assign that value to a session. You can, instead, use some AJAX to send it to the server and then add code in the server so the value is assigned.

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Hm... you have to think about the difference between serverside and clientside first... You cant directly access changes you made in the client on the serverside, because you once send a request to server, as a response you get the site diplayed in your browser. As soon as you recieve the request, the server is finished and cant access the site anymore. Its like a letter you send away. As soon as you put it into the mailbox, you cant make changes anymore. But you could post a new request to the server and add POST or GET peremeters. These can be accessed by the server. The way you send the request doesnt matter... you can send a request using AJAX or simply reload the page.

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