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I want to know what are the internal and external databases that I can use with each mobile OS.

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SQLite is included in iOS and Android. There is also a CodePlex library for using Sqlite on Windows Phone (the built in database is Sql CE)

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SQLite is a popular choice for each of them. It's light-weight, with all the database access in-process, and the storage in a single file (plus journal).

It is included in the iOS and Android SDKs. There are distributions for Windows Phone 7.

Generally, you will not use external databases per se, though of course it is common to use internet APIs (which in turn will usually use databases)

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External database SQLite works on: iOS,Android and Windows phone.

Internal Database:

1) CoreData and NSUserDefault memory cache for iOS .

2) Isolated Storage for Windows phone (http://winphone7db.codeplex.com/)

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Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio has UltraLite database as a part.
This database has versions running on Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and lets you synchronize through HTTP/HTTPS (as far as I know, you can use Windows Mobile databases on Windows Phone)

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I use http://www.jstorage.info/ so i don't even need to write code for each kind of system. jQuery plugin for that.

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For .NET programming on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, you could use TurboDB or VistaDB.

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