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I have a loop which makes a sound and changes the background color of a button during each increment. the sound works , but the background color using porterduff mode does not change until the loop is complete. I want each button color to change as the counter increments.

any ideas? here is a snippet of my code:

for ( int i=1;i <= cupvalue; i++)   {
            if (soundvalue) { mSoundManager.playSound(1); }
            buttons[i].getBackground().setColorFilter(0xFFff0000, PorterDuff.Mode.MULTIPLY); //red

            try {
                Thread.sleep(delay); // delay sounds for each drop
            } catch (InterruptedException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block

The "Thread.sleep(delay) works, to slow down the sounds , but doesnt work for the setColorFilter, just updates all the buttons at the end of the loop. thx

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does the buttons[i] exist in the first place?, you could try to get first the layout (parent) then traverse thru it using getChildCount() and getChildAt() then applying the desired colored on the buttons

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You should not perform blocking operations on the main thread

You should run this code in a background thread, and perform only the UI modifications on main thread. You can achieve that with AsyncTask, Handler, runOnUiThread and TimerTask.

There's a great article that explains the reasons and usage called painless threading, which I recommend that you read.

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