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I am running the following code: The first two little functions work because I am using the jquery calculate plugin... the last 3 fail in Firefox and Safari but work in Chrome

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {      
    $("input[id^='balance']").sum("keyup", "#totalbalance");
    $("input[id^='payment']").sum("keyup", "#totalpayment");

    $('input.ltv1, input.ltv2').click(function() {
        var ltv1 = parseFloat($('.ltv1').val()||"0");
        var ltv2 = parseFloat($('.ltv2').val()||"0");
        result = ltv2/ltv1;
        total = parseInt(result);

    $('input.bal1, input.bal2, input.bal3, input.ltv2').change(function() {
        var bal1 = parseFloat($('.bal1').val() || "0");
        var bal2 = parseFloat($('.bal2').val() || "0");
        var bal3 = parseFloat($('.bal3').val() || "0");
        var bal = bal1 + bal2 + bal3
        var hv = parseFloat($('.ltv2').val() || "0");
        result = bal / hv;
        total = parseInt(result);

    $('input.bal1, input.bal2, input.bal3, input.income').change(function() {
        var bal1 = parseFloat($('.bal1').val() || "0");
        var bal2 = parseFloat($('.bal2').val() || "0");
        var bal3 = parseFloat($('.bal3').val() || "0");
        var bal = bal1 + bal2 + bal3
        var income = parseFloat($('.income').val() || "0");
        result = bal / income;
        total = parseInt(result);



I am not the best at javascript so I have pieced this together...

Anyway the site is and the little boxes show the different calculations: Loan to Value and Combined Loan to Mortgage don't work..

Anyone have a clue?


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Also, your form has like fifty textboxes on it. Can you tell us which ones to fill out to trigger the error? – mrtsherman Jan 7 '12 at 6:50
Why are you doing this: total = parseInt(result); when result is already a number? Do you mean to be doing Math.round() or Math.floor() to convert a decimal to an integer? Also, you should usually never use parseInt() without specifying the radix because it will guess. – jfriend00 Jan 7 '12 at 6:50
What do you mean by "fail"? Do you get an error message in the console, or...? By the way, it doesn't work in Chrome either: when I followed your link and typed some numbers I got "NaN" coming up in the bottom right field. (Also, you seem to be using classes where you should use ids.) – nnnnnn Jan 7 '12 at 6:51
Also get several PHP errors when I just submit. Also this is wrong: <label for="1st_balance">Balance:*</label> <input name="1st_balance" id="balance" class="ltv1 bal1" /> label should be for an ID and not a NAME Please give all your fields a unique ID and use that in the calculations – mplungjan Jan 7 '12 at 8:07
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In your javascript, I see this:


But, in your page, I don't see any object with a class="ltv". I see this HTML:

<p id="ltv"></p>

which would imply your javascript code should be this instead:


The same appears to be true for .clv. Code and HTML don't match.

FYI, I also see undeclared global variables like result and total. These should be local variables (with var in front of their first use to make them local variables).

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