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Im totally unfamiliar with SSIS migration. So I appreciate the help.

I am doing the derivation for one column from source to destination. the problem is:

Existing column: nVarchar(30) Destination column: nVarchar(12)

How do I migrate the data or is there a way to write expression on derived column?

Also I m doing the same thing for another column: Derive from Feature, if not NULL then set to TRUE

How do I write expression on derived column?


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What if the data exceeds 12 characters, what should happen? –  billinkc Jan 7 '12 at 23:38

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To change data type from nvarchar(30) to nvarchar(12) you can use "Data conversion" component.
Data conversion

To replace NULL's with other values you can use "Derived column" with expression like this:

ISNULL(YourColumn) ? TRUE : YourColumn

Here is an example for nvarchar column:

Derived column

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