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I have a control on top of my page where user selects a button of their choice. Depending on the button they choose on the top it will display wither a textbox for the user to enter in a number or it displays a string "N/A".

Now user can add this information in a row, but the user can edit the row and change the button they have selected if they wish. The problem is that if the user changes a button within one of the rows they have added, it may change the top control to either a textbox or the string and it changes all of the other rows to textbox or string depending on the which button the user selects.

So what my question is that how can I make each row unique so that if the user selects another button from a row, it does not change the textbox (.numberAnswerTxt) or the string (.na) on the top control or in the other rows and only change in the row where the user has change the button select?

Below is the html code for the string and textbox in the top control:

<table id="optionAndAnswer">
    <tr class="numberAnswers">
        <td>Number of Answers:</td>
            <span class="na">N/A</span>
            <input type="text" name="numberAnswer" class="numberAnswerTxt" >
    <tr class="answer">
                        <input class="answerBtns answers" name="answer2Name"    id="answer2"        type="button"   value="1"/>
                        <input class="answerBtns answers" name="answer3Name"    id="answer3"        type="button"   value="2" />
                        <input class="answerBtns answers" name="answer4Name"    id="answer4"        type="button"   value="3"/>
                    <input class="answerBtns answers" name="single"  id="answerSingle"  type="button"   value="Single Choice" />

Below is the jquery code for the new rows that are added by the user: (I changed class for textbox to class='numberAnswerTxtRow' and string to class='naRow' because I didn't know if I had to make it unique)

function insert(form) {   

var context = $('#optionAndAnswer');

var $tr = $("<tr></tr>");
var $noofanswers = $("<td class='noofanswers'></td>");

  $('.numberAnswerTxt', context).each(function() {
        var $this = $(this);
        var $noofanswersText = $("<span class='naRow'>N/A</span><input type='text' class='numberAnswerTxtRow'>").attr('name', $this.attr('name')).attr('value', $this.val())


$('#qandatbl').append($tr); //New rows are stored in this "qandatbl"


Below is jquery code that determines what happens if a particular button is clicked:

$('.gridBtns').on('click', function()


    var clickedNumber = this.value;

    $(this).closest('.option').siblings('.answer').find('.answers').each(function(index) {
        if (!isNaN(clickedNumber) && index < clickedNumber) {
            $('.na').hide(); //I Think problem is here
            $('.numberAnswerTxt').show(); //and here

        } else {



        if (clickedNumber === 'Single Choice') {

            $('.na').show(); //I Think problem is here
            $('.numberAnswerTxt').val(1).hide(); //and here




Hopefully you understand this question. If not then comment to me and I will clarify.

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Will it be possible to reproduce the issue at jsfiddle.net? –  Pavan Jan 7 '12 at 7:46
I will post the table with .answers, .answers is the buttons the user clicks on –  BruceyBandit Jan 7 '12 at 7:53
I have posted the .answers in the question above, it is in the first html code you see. –  BruceyBandit Jan 7 '12 at 8:04
@JQone it will be a bit awkward for me to reproduce fiddle beacause I have loads of code and some of it is php, I thought I will just show relevant code in my question instead, if I shouw you fiddle it requires a lot of code to get app running. It will be hard for you to track –  BruceyBandit Jan 7 '12 at 8:05

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