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I want to implement a effect like colorsplash effect by opengl es,so I search by the website and get the guide(http://www.idevgames.com/forums/thread-899.html)

Now I block in the third step for the draw time,i don't know how to create the multi-texture followed the guide,can you help me? give me some suggestions or some code about it

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To do multi-texturing, you need to put different textures into the various texture units, and set texture coordinates for them. Something like this:

// Put a texture into texture unit 0
glActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE0);
// Put a texture into texture unit 1
glActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE1);
// Now draw our textured quad - you could also use VBOs
glBegin (GL_QUADS);
// Set up the texture coordinates for each texture unit for the first vertex
glMultiTexCoord2f (GL_TEXTURE0, x0, y0);
glMultiTexCoord2f (GL_TEXTURE1, x1, y1);
// Define the first vertex's location
glVertex2f (x, y);
... // Do the other 3 vertexes
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