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I wrote a script with Python 2.7 and this is the code:

name=raw_input("Hi im a PC, who are you?")

print("Hi " + name + " how are you, are you good?")

answer = raw_input("")

if (answer) == yes:
    print("That's good to hear")
elif (answer) == no:
    print("Oh well")
    print("Sorry, you didnt answer the question properly, Please answer with a yes or no")

This is the error I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:/Python27/programs/2", line 4, in 

     if (answer) == yes:

NameError: name 'yes' is not defined
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you have no variable named yes,
What you are trying to do is compare the user input to the string "yes"

which would go like:

if answer == "yes":
    # do stuff

There is also no need for those brackets around answer.

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thanks heaps!!! – user1135707 Jan 7 '12 at 8:09

answer is a string and you shall use answer == "yes"

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You need to put " or ' in your strings. yes is not "yes", and no is not "no".

#if (answer) == yes:
if (answer) == "yes":

#elif (answer) == no:
elif (answer) == "no":

The error name 'yes' is not defined is because the interpreter looked for a variable called yes because the word is without " or '. If you write "yes" the interpreter will compare the value of answer variable with the string "yes".

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