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I have a VPS Linux Server with this environment: "rvm + ror + ngixn + passenger + unicorn + capistrano".

How to move server environment to another server fast?

I found:

  2. Vagrant

Who has experience with solving the problem? Can you explain how to move (to copy) the server environment better?

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Along the same line as those listed is Chef by OpsCode. It's based on ruby and relies on recipes to implement what you want, where you want.

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These all things will require file changes and server setting changes overall. So, it is not possible in one click. For each thing ("rvm + ror + ngixn + passenger + unicorn + capistrano") move there will be a seprate solution available. As for rails gem , you may use bundle install..etc. But I don't thing its possible in one click solution.

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Try using Clonezilla. This will replicate everything exactly on the new server, so there maybe some problems if the hardware is different. I've used it to replace an OS on a partition in a multiboot system successfully.

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