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I have a Python script doing the grunt work of my motion tracking program. I have an OpenCV program sending coordinate data (integers) to my Python script.

I would like a very simple web page, one with 4-5 buttons which sends it to the python script for processing.

I'd prefer the web page be lightweight and compatible with mobile devices. I just need something very simple to send commands via tcp, rpc, or whatever means. I'm seeing lots of frameworks and the like, it seems a bit overkill to me for something static and simple.

OpenCV    -\
    -> motors
Web page -/

Web page ideals has Left, Right, Fast, Slow, Toggle Tracking State as buttons that send information (commands, IDs, something identifying of button pressed) to

Thanks, Joel

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Check out Bottle:

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Flask is a good alternative as well: – Krishna Bharadwaj Jan 7 '12 at 9:50

Well the simplest is probably just old school CGI.

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