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I have sentences (Text I):

Tom is a smart boy. He know a lot of thing.

I want to change He in the second sentence to Tom, so final sentences will become (Text II):

Tom is a smart boy. Tom know a lot of thing.

I've wrote some code, but my coref object always null.
Besides I have no idea what to do next to get correct result.

    String text = "Tom is a smart boy. He know a lot of thing.";
    Annotation document = new Annotation(text);
    Properties props = new Properties();
    props.put("annotators", "tokenize, ssplit, pos, parse, lemma, ner, dcoref");
    StanfordCoreNLP pipeline = new StanfordCoreNLP(props);

    List<Pair<IntTuple, IntTuple>> coref = document.get(CorefGraphAnnotation.class);

I want to know if I'm doing it wrong and what I should do next to get Text II from Text I.
PS: I'm using Stanford CoreNLP 1.3.0.


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Maybe @stompchicken can help. –  Khairul Jan 7 '12 at 9:52
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List<Pair<IntTuple, IntTuple>> coref = document.get(CorefGraphAnnotation.class);

This is an old coref output format.

You can change this line to

Map<Integer, CorefChain> graph = document.get(CorefChainAnnotation.class);

or you can use the oldCorefFormat option:

props.put("oldCorefFormat", "true");
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