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I have a model:

class errors(models.Model):
    date           = models.DateTimeField()
    msg            = models.CharField(max_length=500)

I simply cannot get the date format right when inserting. I do

msg = "error" 
date = datetime.datetime.now()

cursor = connection.cursor()
cursor.execute("INSERT INTO cmt_errors('date', 'msg') VALUES (%s, %s)", (date, msg))

How should I format date so I don't get a syntax error? I am, btw, able to do a select so I've got the tables imported, etc.

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Do not put single-quotes around the column names:

"INSERT INTO cmt_errors(date, msg) VALUES (%s, %s)"
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DOH! Thank-you! Solves my problem. I had been staring myself blind. –  user984003 Jan 7 '12 at 11:08

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