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NUnit version

File, New Class library project.

Used Nuget to install NUnit. Although I have a previous version of NUnit that goes back to installed on my laptop (64bit win7) when I was using VS08.

I have since upgraded to VS2010 and am experiencing I suppose a versioning problem with NUnit.

After creating the class library project and using Nuget to install the latest and greatest NUnit, I add my using statements using NUnit.Framework; , add my attributes, [TestFixture] for the class and [Test] for the method under test and there are NO NUnit icons on the left bar, that allow you to run the test.

What can I do to fix this versioning problem so that I can run NUnit projects in VS2010???

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Visual Studio never had built in support for nUnit as you describe this has always been done with add-ons like Resharper - you probably need to install the add-on you have used with VS 2008 for VS 2010.

You can try TestDriven.NET (also available through NuGet) and of course, you can always run the nUnit GUI directly and selecting your test assemblies.

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