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i'm new to this website... anyway, i wonder if it is possible to fade in and out one image into another one automatically at a certain amount of time like for example every 30 seconds? I'm a student and I have to make a project with some guys about a car show and my task is to make the website of the presentation which i did with simple html and css and when it came to the background image I took an image from the net with some cars (2472x1156 pixels) modified it and put it on my background-image css property... the problem is that i want that image to change at a certain amount of time into another image (same size in pixels) but i don't want to put it into a container because if I do so, I would be forced to rearrange everything in the page because as it is normal when a client views my page the computer zooms the page to all the container's size and i don't want that... is this possible to do with jquery or javascript or something like that? I mean a script that affects the css background-image property maybe?!? if it's hard to workaround forget about it because it's not a big deal anyway... and btw, sorry for my english guys...

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What about something like this?


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i managed to solve my problem but still i found another one: this is the code: <script type="text/javascript"> var total1 = function() { $("body").attr("class","total1"); $(".total1").fadeIn(1000).delay(5000).fadeOut(1000); }; var total2 = function() { $("body").attr("class","total2"); $(".total2").fadeIn(1000).delay(5000).fadeOut(1000); }; $(document).ready(function() { setInterval(function() { total1(); }, 5000); }); </script> when i load the page it only show me total1(); and if I try to put total2(); under total1(); then it only recognizez total2(); –  user1136017 Jan 7 '12 at 20:14
How should I do in order for the computer to "play" total1(); then total2(); in a continuous loop at a certain interval? –  user1136017 Jan 7 '12 at 20:15

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