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And here is the code that produces the error

Private Function GetFlag(ByVal ImagesFlagList As IQueryable(Of ImagesFlag)) As String
 ImagesFlagList = ImagesFlagList.AsEnumerable().Concat(New ImagesFlag With _
 {.Flag = "test"}).AsQueryable()
 Return "something"
End Function

How can i cast this one? Thank you

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The issue is here

.Concat(New ImagesFlag With {.Flag = "test"})

Concat wants a sequence, an IEnumerable<ImagesFlag>, and you are passing it just an ImagesFlag. You will need to pass a sequence of flags, it could simply be an an array of that one item.

Dim array as ImagesFlag() = { new ImagesFlag With { .Flag = "test" } }

And then you can use the array in the call to Concat

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