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I'm quite new to Auth module, and i'm trying to get login working, after reading documentation and googling like crazy i have this simple piece of code...

    Auth::instance()->login('test', 'test');
if (Auth::instance()->logged_in()){
   echo 'fail';

This always returns false, my registration script looks like this:

$model = ORM::factory('user');
       'username' => 'admin',
       'email' => 'adsmin@example.com',
       'password' => 'test',
       'password_confirm' => 'test',

It creates user just fine, also it sets role_id to 1 and 2 which means i have admins/login rights, but it keeps failing anyways, if i would use Auth::instance()->force_login($user); everything work's just fine, so i'm guessing problem could be with hashing, but i have no idea where.

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May be Auth::instance()->login('admin', 'test');? –  biakaveron Jan 8 '12 at 10:21

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You must set driver to 'orm' in config/auth.php

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did already it's not the problem, anyways for now i solved problem by deleting if (isset($this->_users[$username]) AND $this->_users[$username] === $password) from \modules\auth\classes\kohana\auth –  Linas Jan 7 '12 at 20:26

Did you store the plaintext password or the hashed password? I think the Auth module login function hashes the password. So maybe you should save the hashed password.

You could hash your password by using:

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