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Getting the text between two spans with “Simple HTML DOM”

I'm doing some html scraping, and the html I'm using doesn't have properly formatted html. However, it should seem simple enough. the field name is wrapped in a span.CardTitle, followed by some text. However, that text isn't wrapped by any tag. Here's an example:

<span class="CardTitle">Class: </span>None • <span class="CardTitle">

I showed the span after it just to provide an example on how it looks. Is there any way in simple_html_dom to get the TEXT node of a sibling?

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I'm not familiar with simple_html_dom specifically, and I'm not sure what you've tried, but the xpath query you can use would be


Note that using * as in following-sibling::* will only apply to elements and not all nodes. The text is a node, but not an element.

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