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I'm trying to pass in the location of my ftl template.

In MyApplication extend Application

I've tried....


I even tried this out of disperation...

ConnectorService cs =new ConnectorService();
    cs.setClientProtocols(UtilMisc.toList(Protocol.FILE, Protocol.HTTP));

public Restlet createInboundRoot() {
    //I even added this in to get it to print out which had been set and they were in there!
    for(Protocol p :getConnectorService().getClientProtocols()){

    // initialize the Freemarker's configuration
    configuration = new Configuration();
            .setTemplateLoader(new ContextTemplateLoader(

Then I have this in my HtmlRepresentationHandler.....

    String templateName = "serviceInfo.ftl";
    MediaType mediaType = MediaType.APPLICATION_XHTML;
    TemplateRepresentationrep = new TemplateRepresentation(templateName, getApp().getConfiguration(), cleanServiceResultMapInstance(results), mediaType);

I always get the same error, I even tried other protocols to no avail.

Jan 8, 2012 4:45:58 AM org.restlet.engine.component.ClientRouter getNext
 [java] WARNING: The protocol used by this request is not declared in the list of client connectors. (FILE)
 [java] WARNING: Unable to get the template serviceInfo.ftl. Error message: Template serviceInfo.ftl not found.
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I remember fighting this too here.

The solution is finally to declare the client protocol in the servlet paramaeters for the application :

                         <param-value>HTTP HTTPS FILE</param-value>

see also the javadoc

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