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I have a complicated xml file and in different levels the following part may exist:

  <note>The appropriate character is:</note>
  <extension char="A">initial</extension>
  <extension char="D">subsequent</extension>
  <extension char="G">subsequent delayed</extension>
  <extension char="S">sequel </extension>

and here is the code snippet that I use to build a text file:

var lv1s = from lv1 in XMLDoc.Descendants("chapter").DescendantsAndSelf()
           select new
               SChar = (string)lv1.Element("ChrNote") ?? "",
               SCharDef = (string)lv1.Element("ChrDef") ?? "",
               //Returns only first attribute ..?
               CharLetter = (lv1.Element("ChrDef") == null ? "" : 
                                        .Attribute("char")) ?? "")

The problem is that the above query returns only the first attribute ("A") from element "extension". I have no experience in linq and any help will be appreciated.

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Is this what you are looking for?

var result = from x in XMLDoc.Descendants("chapter")
             let Definitions = x.XPathSelectElements("ChrDef/extension")
             select new
                 Note = x.XPathSelectElement("ChrNote/note") == null ? "" : x.XPathSelectElement("ChrNote/note").Value,
                 Definitions = Definitions.Select(y=> new { Extension = y.Value, Char = y.Attribute("char").Value })

Console.WriteLine ("{0}", result.First().Note);
foreach (var definition in result.First().Definitions)
    Console.WriteLine ("{0}, {1}", definition.Extension, definition.Char);

This will give you the following output:

The appropriate character is:
initial, A
subsequent, D
subsequent delayed, G
sequel , S
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Yes it works perfectly! Thank you... –  Nikolas Jan 8 '12 at 11:58
Great, my pleasure :) Please mark it as the answer. –  trydis Jan 8 '12 at 22:08

(I know that your question says "returns only the first attribute", but there is only one attribute there -- so I'm answering your implied question instead.)

It's only returning the first extension element because you're using Element("extension"). If you used Elements("extension") instead, you'd get the others.

See the documentation:


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I have try without success already this approach. –  Nikolas Jan 7 '12 at 22:17

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