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I have SOAP request and response. please look at below response :,

SOAP Response snippet :

[CDATA [ &lt ; tag &gt; value for response &gt ; &lt; /tag> < /return>

I have String object in java code and i am returning it using 

import javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding.Use;
import javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding.Style;


Return String;

I want to remove above highlighted data using Java code and want to execute Response like below :

< return> < tag> value for response < /tag> < /return>

How to remove 
1) < &gt ; &lt;
2) [CDATA [[ 

Please give resolution for removing not required characters in Java code,so i can get the proper response ?

Please share any of the useful example


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I believe that you will have to return that string like this...

return "<<![CDATA[< return> < tag> value for response < /tag> < /return>]]>";
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You could write a Servlet Filter which intercepts and wraps the HttpServletResponse, and convert those characters.

However, you shouldn't need to do that - I think it points to a problem elsewhere in your architecture. Assuming that SOAP isn't a critical design choice, I would strongly consider using Jersey + Jackson and producing a REST API rather than a SOAP one.

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