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I have baked load of files and in the web browser they work fine. In particular I have tables:

filters       HABTM items
items         HABTM filters
filters_items BT    filters, items

now in my Shell I have the following:

class xShell extends AppShell {
  public $uses = array('filter', 'filter_item', 'item');

  public function preload() {
    $allFilters = $this->filter_item->findAll(null, 'DISTINCT filter_item.filter_id');

but when I run

Console/cake x preload

I get the error:

Database table filter_items for model filter_item was not found

so I set the following in the filter_item model:

public $useTable = 'filters_items';

and still the same error.

Any ideas?


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It wasn't obvious in the docs but you can't actually search over the joining table. So you can search over Item and Filter but not FilterItem.

Sorry for the false alarm.

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