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I'm working on generating code from an existing model with XPAND. This model contains nested packages as one knows them from Java for example.

As far as I understand there are no loops or anything, so that I could concatenate for example the package declaration string.

I would like to do something like this:

package kitchen
--package electronics
--package food
----class tomatoe

wanted output:

package kitchen.food;
class tomatoe{}

I should add that it should have the possibility to ask the classes for their parent classes. How to generate the import string for nested packages?

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What actually is the question? –  Jasonw Jan 9 '12 at 12:39
the question was how to generate the import string for nested packages –  Asamandra Jan 26 '12 at 21:24

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I think the most simple way would be to define a biderectional reference between parent and child package. So in your metamodel it would be a biderectional reference of package class to itself like:

|Package  |
|         |<>--+
`---------+    | 0..* containedPackages
        |      |
        +------+ 0..1 parentPackage

In Xpand you would do (untested, but should be enough to get the idea):

«DEFINE class FOR Class»
  import «EXPAND packagename FOR this.package»;
  class «this.name»{}

«DEFINE packagename FOR Package»
  «FOREACH this.packageHierarchy() as p SEPARATOR '.' -»«p»«ENDFOREACH»

Xtend - recursively find the parents, add them to the list and reverse the list order. Probably there's a more clean way which doesn't need the flatten() method:

List[Package] packageHierarchy(Package p):
    let list = {}:
    p.parentPackage == null ? list.add(p) : list.add(packageHierarchy(p.parentPackage)) ->

I hope the code snippets are not too broken :)

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thx for the help. i agree that this is the easier way. i did not have the choice to do that, as my situation was predefined, but i´m sure this solution might be helpful to others. (i have no solution for my problem until now so i cant post it just in case somebody wonders) –  Asamandra Feb 27 '12 at 14:56

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